Friday, April 26, 2013

Cash Registers and Raceways

OK - so I have worked with quite a variety of businesses over the last 14 years to help them implement the best cash register or computer-based point of sale system.  I can add raceways to my list now as we wrapped up the installation of multiple cash registers at Firebird Raceway in Eagle, ID (awesome place!).

Firebird needed some cash and item tracking for their consession stands and gift shops. We'll look at adding ATM's and registers for admissions/ticketing as well.  I have to say that the family that owns and operates the raceway has been a pleasure to work with and this qualifies as one very exciting business to work with.

We went with the Sam4S line of cash registers since we have future options to connect each register together and/or to a computer for centralized reporting and programming. This also gives us future options for integrated credit card processing as well.

If you happen to be in the Boise, ID area, here is a link to the schedule of events at Firebird Raceway - this weekend kicks off some of the more major summer events:

Be sure to contact me if your venue is searching for a cash register or computer-based point of sale system - we even have systems that allow for assigned venue seating!

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