Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Cash Discounting, Credit Card Surcharging, and Dual Pricing

 One of the biggest trends that I have seen over the last few months has been more and more liquor stores in the US offering different prices when it comes to customers paying with cash versus paying with credit. While some states ban the use of offering a cash discount or applying a credit card surcharge, it appears that the use of Dual Pricing is allowed in all 50 states.

Dual Pricing has the advantage of creating instant additional revenue for most liquor stores as the fees paid for merchant services are mostly paid for by the customer. 

There are some other advantages well but I'm still learning about how Dual Pricing works. Here are some great Dual Pricing resources that I found online:

Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store Point of Sale Software with Dual Pricing: https://www.dualpricing.cloud/

More in depth explanation of Dual Pricing: https://northamericanbancard.net/dual-pricing/

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