Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Point of Sale Software Options for Liquor Stores in Oregon

I've spent several weeks in Oregon over the last few months helping retailers find the best point of sale system for their store and found there to be some confusion about which POS software programs are available to liquor store retailers in Oregon.

After meeting with several liquor retailers as well as multiple calls and emails with the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission), I was given the impression that KMDS (Kelly Myers Data Systems)  POS was the only approved option for liquor store retailers in Oregon.

This is not true as the Cloud Retailer POS software is also available in Oregon. Here are some comparisons between KMDS and Cloud Retailer:


  • Both are designed for liquor retailers
  • Both are approved by the OLCC
  • Both are in use by multiple liquor stores in Oregon
  • Both provide OLCC specific reporting

Pro Cloud Retailer

  • Integrated processing (no errors due to manual double entry on payment terminals)


  • Based in Oregon and well established user base
Note about Point of Sale Software Programs:

I did not include Retail Management Hero or NCR CounterPoint in the comparisons as I was focused on just liquor store specific POS software programs that included OLCC reporting integration. I have not come across any liquor stores in Oregon that use RMS, NCR Counterpoint, Vend, Bindo, Clover, etc.

If you are a liquor store retailer in the state of Oregon, I would encourage you to look at both Cloud Retailer and KMDS.

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