Monday, October 26, 2020

A List of the modules and plug ins for the Cloud Retailer point of sale software

I've had around a half dozen retailers contact me asking for more information about the various plug ins and modules for the Cloud Retailer point of sale software (Cloud Retailer is point of sale software designed as a direct low cost replacement for the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software as well as software for medium sized retailers with more that $1M in annual gross sales).  Here you go:

Cloud Retailer Add On and Module List

Add Ons*
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  • Antivirus: Professional grade Anti-virus/malware software
  • Supplier Integration (Fintech):            Liquor industry supplier
  • QuickBooks Integration: Either QuickBooks for Windows or QuickBooks online
  • PurePOS: Limits the computer to only POS software
  • Base Alert Configuration: 50 email alerts per month on store level            activities or events like voids, discounts, low stock
  • 250 Alert Per Month Pack:                 If using more than 50 alerts per month
  • Customization (per hour):               Hours needed to create a customization
  • Additional Data Pack: Needed If a stores database exceeds 2GB
  • 50GB plus databases:                        Needed If a stores database exceeds 50gb
  • Microsoft PowerBI:                         Integration with Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Magento e-commerce (basic):           Integration with a basic e-commerce site from Magento
  • Magento e-commerce (advanced):    Integration with an advanced e-commerce site from Magento
  • 1014 Reporting (PA):                      Report required for liquor stores in PA
  • OLCC Reporting (OR):                    Report required for liquor stores in OR
  • WSLCB Reporting:
    Report required for liquor stores in WA
  • AC Nielsen Export:                             Export data for an AC Neilsen report
  • Additional EDI import formats:         Data Interchange importing setup and configuration

*please contact RITE at 888-267-7483 or for current pricing
(click on link for related video if available)
  • End Of Day Reconciliation: End of day close out process
  • Shelf Tag Printing: How to print shelf tags& barcode labels/tags
  • Gift Card Creation And Processing:     How to create and redeem gift cards
  • Employee Time Clock:  How to use the employee time clock
  • Setting Up Basic Promotions:            How to create general sales and related promotions like discounting
  • Rentals / Kegs: How to use the keg rental feature
  • Inventory:   More in depth inventory training that includes  purchase orders, inventory transfers and physical inventory counts  
  • Creating and managing orders:          How to setup and use work orders, layaway's, and  special orders
  • Basic Product Importing:                   How to import products from supplier catalogs or  similar sources
  • Regional Permissions:                         How to restrict leadership at one location from accessing another store locations data.
  • Importing Of Other Data Types:         How to import non-inventory data
  • POS Installation Training: How to install and configure Cloud Retailer POS  without assistance from RITE
  • Introduction To Creating Custom Reports: How to use the built in tool for creating custom reports
  • Advanced Commands And Workflows: How to manipulate and adjust commands and software work flows in Cloud Retailer   

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