Wednesday, February 13, 2019

List of Recent Enhancements to the Cloud Retailer Point of Sale Software

The programmers at Cloud Retailer have been busy adding all sorts of requested features, functions, and enhancements to the Cloud Retailer retail point of sale software:

v1.14 - added ability to create filtered groups of customers at the POS for easy searching. Can have one button with normal customers and another button with wholesale customers only - using tags to filter

v1.14 - nice usability feature - if a size is made inactive but still attached to products a warning icon telling the user what's going on will appear next to it

v1.17 - easier means of merging two customer records via a button from inside the customer form

v1.15 nice little shortcut for users - the ability to hit the enter key after typing a search phrase into the menu filtering ability at back office

v1.14 - added size to the physical inventory count item list results

v1.14 - ability to add icons to report grids - very cool idea

v1.12 - ability to define the logo on customer-facing display at POS

v1.14 - ability to set a location on the worksheet import

v1.14 - ability to do cash discounts at POS (IE if you don't pay with a credit card we will give you a discount)
1.14 - many misc improvements to supplier purchase planning (SPP)
v1.14 - implemented fuzzy matching to make part number matching better for some suppliers/customers when using supplier integration
v1.14 - added ability to make a custom form appear when hitting a button at POS
v1.14 - Added ability to make a negative account payment

v1.17 - when a credit card declines we will not play an alert sound and also make the screen flash yellow

v1.14 - can have an automated test setup to test the notification system during system upgrade

v1.14 - can modify the discount "reason" via a custom command

v1.14 - we now require at least one tax jurisdiction to ALWAYS be set on a tax - even if that is a 0% jurisdiction. This enhances reporting data

v1.14 - multiple improvements as it relates to attribute sets. The ability to create groups of attribute sets so that some can be accessible in a drop down that can be selected and used on a thing (products for example) and then the ability to have an attribute set that is statically assigned to that thing.

You may want to have wine data and beer data - and you need to pick one, on the other hand, you may have bin location which you just want to show on the product page - and you could statically set that on the page.

Statically displaying an attribute set on a page (products, customers, etc) requires RITE tech support.
v1.14 Multiple improvements as it relates to regional permissions and multi-location use refinements - like filtering label queues based on products available at specific stores only, etc

Product search can also filter out products not available at a store location if your regional permissions limit you to certain locations

PO searching filtered based on location

Ability to more granular control who can make products active or not

v1.17 - Initial tokenization functionality implemented for credit cards. For now it works for voids and returns where the batch has already been settled or where the transaction took place on other terminal

v1.17 - Store and forward (SAF) - this will allow credit cards to be processed when there is no internet available. THIS IS COMPATIBLE WITH ONLY SOME PROCESSORS. More notes to come

1.14 - ability to set a configuration option on orders to determine if, when they are recalled they will recompute price based on current sales and promotions or not

If you give someone a quote you don't want prices to recompute later. If you put something on hold and someone recalls it you might.

v.1.14 - ability to prompt for label printing start position from POS AND back office now
Useful for people printing sheets of labels.

v1.17 - ability to set a minimum width in a grid / report
Very applicable to supplier purchase planning as it will allow user to have more columns than would be visible at one time on the screen (scroll left / right)

v1.17 - ability to have multiple "views" of the supplier purchase planning grid. This means someone buying wine could have a certain view of their product sales and sales history and someone buying liquor could have another and could toggle between then
v1.14 - Ability to reorder based on reorder points AND past sales with supplier purchase planning

v1.14 - Improvements to inventory value reporting, speed an accuracy as it related to unit of measure.

Improvements to the Quickbooks integration as it relates to posting invoices / POs. Searching GL accounts when setting up mapping.

Cost leveling accuracy improvements.

Cleanup of the summarized end of day reports.

Magento integration bug fixes.

Improved workflow around "on account" payments

PO printout improvement relating to case/units.

Ability to scan a coupon code without going into a specific coupon UI (auto sense of coupon barcodes)

Significant improvement to "order" type receipts and capabilities

Supplier purchase planning misc improvements - more still coming.

Support for JSON, XML, and RAW export types with integration processes and report exports.

-Excel export improvements in reports - freezes top row of report.

-Improvement to offline workflow with loyalty (removal of one unnecessary prompt).

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