Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Users: Should I Update or Replace My Server?

One question that comes up with speaking with Microsoft Dynamics RMS users is whether they should keep investing in RMS or plan to migrate sooner to one of the replacement point of sale programs for RMS like Cloud Retailer or Retail Management Hero.

Several retailers using RMS are taking a wait and see approach while others are finding that they are facing costs specific to the upkeep of their SQL servers and wonder if they really want to keep investing in servers that they might not need in another 3 years?

I call these "trigger points" as there are things that can happen, like server expenses, that could affect how soon you look at replacing RMS.

In terms of not having to start from scratch with a new POS system, and enjoying significant license discounts as an RMS user, there are two main migration options:  Retail Management Hero (local) and Cloud Retailer (local & cloud hybrid).

For the sake of this blog post, let's focus mainly on the server investment question.

It is no secret that servers cost money and require someone with some IT skills to maintain. Some organizations lack the resources to maintain servers and find that cloud based point of sale software programs are a better option. Other organization's want locally deployed software programs and have already invested in servers and IT staff.

There are many variables here but there are clearly some short and long term cost benefits for moving to Cloud Retailer as a direct replacement for RMS instead of continued server and IT investments. I can think of a recent example of a 3 location RMS/HQ user that was spending so much on support and maintenance that it was actually cheaper for them to upgrade from RMS/HQ to Cloud Retailer!

In a much different case, I was onsite with 2 different 5 location chains using RMS/HQ and they had just invested in new servers and IT staff so moving to a cloud based POS system didn't make sense to them economically and they will go the Retail Management Hero route.

For any retailer with RMS and servers, I would highly advise formulating an action plan that addresses "trigger points" like server costs. This doesn't always mean that you will need to take action today but you will know what your organizations plan is for the next 3-5 years and what sort of "trigger points" will cause you to take action sooner.

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