Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An Official Welcome to RTE's Microsoft RMS Client Base!

An official welcome to Retail Technology Experts (RTE - Mirimar, FL)) Microsoft RMS client base which has been acquired by Retail Information Technology Enterprises (RITE - Sartell, MN, Dallas, TX and Boise, ID)!

As you know, RITE recently acquired RTE's Microsoft RMS software client base due to RTE divesting their client base of over 1000 retailers. Many of you are already working with RITE. If not, a team member from RITE will be reaching out over the coming days to have a conversation with you related to the following:
  • Whether you are still using the Microsoft RMS software in your business?
  • Whether you are still a Retail Technology Experts (RTE) customer?
  • Learning more about you and your business - and the technology equipment that you have in place.
  • What, if any, issues or outstanding commitments that RTE has made that RITE needs to address?
  • What personal concerns or questions that you may have related to the acquisition?
  • If you have already addressed the October 2015 EMV liability shift?
  • Short and long term plans for your business related to the technology used - always good to have a short term (0-90 day) and long term (5-7 year) plan.
  • Anything that the RITE team needs to be aware of?
  • What are the next steps that we should take?
Our goal at RITE is to make sure that any current and future needs are taken care of related to the RMS point of sale system that you have in your store. We are also working with RTE to honor any past commitments that have been made or any work that is currently in process.

If you have any pressing needs or questions, please contact us at 866-267-7483. As part of the acquisition, RTE's website will be directing to RITE's website and RTE's phone system will forward to RITE's phone system.

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