Thursday, March 3, 2016

Too Many Solutions - Retail Point of Sale

A quick Google search shows that there are over 90 different retail point of sale software programs and apps currently on the market which is way too much in my opinion. This has happened several times in the past and usually only 20% of these companies survive more than 5 years.

I bring this up because it shows how overwhelming it can be to find the best point of sale solution for your business  or organization. This is why knowing the following is important as you begin your search for a point of sale system:

  1. Your budget based on your annual gross sales
  2. Local vendor or non-local vendor
  3. Your feature/function "wish list"
  4. What you can handle internally related to point of sale and related technology 
  5. The type of products and services that you offer
  6. How many locations you have now as well as how many locations you will have in five years
  7. Any other software (eg: accounting) that the point of sale system needs to share data with
  8. Are you looking for PC-based systems, MAC-based systems, or systems that run on mobile devices like iPads (or a system that can run on multiple devices)
  9. Upfront purchase, subscription based, or lease/business loan
  10. Cloud based or something that allows you to have all your information stored locally
These are some starting points to ponder - each situation is somewhat unique but should help you narrow down which point of sale systems you should be looking at.

As always, visit my contact page for information on how to reach me for unbiased point of sale advice.

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