Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What are Support "Incidents" and How Do They Work

With some Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ partners fading away, I've been contacted by several businesses searching for support related to RMS and HQ.  While I am happy to assist as best I can or arrange for a certified RMS/HQ support person to contact you, I wanted you to know that you also have the option of obtaining support direct from Microsoft.

If you have stayed current on your annual software maintenance for RMS/HQ then you normally receive a limited number of free support incidents directly with Microsoft. If you are not current on your maintenance then a fee per incident applies.

So what does an incident mean?  In my experience it means that one issue per incident will be dealt with until all parties agree the issue is resolved.  So if you need help reconnecting your database to a POS station, that counts as one incident. If you need help reconnecting your database to a POS station and need help installing a OPOS driver for a receipt printer on the same POS station then that counts as 2 support incidents.

You can contact Microsoft for RMS and HQ support at 888-477-7877 for Dynamics RMS and HQ support. You can also visit my contact page for information on how to reach me.

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