Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Money by Owning an ATM

So, I've taken some time to analyze some ATM transaction data and come up with the following conclusions:
  • You can make money through an ATM if the following criteria are met
    • You charge a $2.00 transaction fee
    • You pay no more than $3500.00 (very easy since our ATM's at DirectPOS start right around $3000)
    • The ATM will be placed in an area that will generate 140 to 145 transactions per month
  • The ATM also needs to be in a secure location as we prefer to use special bolts to anchor the ATM
If you do the math, 145 transactions per month X $2.00/transaction = $290.00.

$290.00 X 12 Months = $3480.00.

That means that the ATM is paid for in one year - after that, the $3480.00 per year is pure profit. Not a bad return on investment!  Other than stocking for cash & paper, ATM's do not require too much maintenance these days. They even run a version of Microsoft Windows so they are really easy to program as well!

You can always contact me through blogger or at 208-376-8121x234 for more information.

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