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POS Consulting

Due to demand, I offer onsite POS consulting services. Here are some details:
POS Consulting is based around some or all of the following:
  1. Creation of a weighted feature/function "wish list"
  2. Leadership interviews to gain operational requirements for anything that touches the POS system
  3. Purchase process project plan
  4. Retail process documentation
  5. ROI calculation/POS budget
  6. Merchant service selection
  7. System acquisition (donations? grants? outright purchase?)
  8. "Gotcha's" to avoid
  9. Vendor/solution selection criteria
  10. System demos
  11. Reference and site visit
  12. Deployment assistance
Costs are $75/hour for phone/online consulting or $500/day plus travel expenses for onsite consulting and this is true unbiased consulting. Advantage is time savings as well as cost savings by ensuring that the correct POS system is sourced (plus I may be able to secure a vendor discount that would off set any consulting fees).

I do offer a 10% discount to all non-profits.


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