Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems Store Operations (RMS) Review and Demo

Updated information on Retail Management Hero as a direct replacement for RMS as of December 3rd, 2015:

New video discussing options for Dynamics RMS and HQ users as of December 5th, 2015:

A quick reminder that sales of Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ to new users as well as mainstream support ends next year (2016) so please keep that in mind if you are thinking of purchasing RMS or HQ as point of sale software for your business or organization (not a wise investment at this point).

Update 13.June.2015: A quick note that I have been receiving multiple calls and emails from Microsoft Dynamics RMS users looking to replace RMS due to the upcoming October 1st, 2015 EMV liability shift deadline as well as the "end of life" status for Dynamics RMS and HQ. I have personal experience with RMS users upgrading to NCR CounterPoint and would be happy to share - just visit my contact page for information on how to reach me. I can also put you in touch with a trusted NCR CounterPoint SQL partner.

The license swap options mentioned below refer to Retail Realm Essentials and Retail Management Hero point of sale software programs.

My thoughts on the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems Store Operations (RMS) point of sale software and a quick look at the manager/back office part of the software.

RMS has been one of my favorite point of sale solutions over the years and currently is in use at over 40,000 stores, museums, and government entities. Even though sales to new users for RMS will end July 2016, there will be license swap/migration options for RMS users who stay current on their annual maintenance agreement.

Here is the video:

The Highlights:
  • Great solution for retail stores, museums, and government entities of all sizes
  • Lots of third part add-ons for special functions like online shopping carts and loyalty programs
  • Very popular solution for government entities
  • User interface is outdated looking
  • Takes some training to get a handle on the correct way to run reports
  • Sales of RMS will end in July 2016 but their will be a migration path to other point of sale solutions from Microsoft
Bottom Line:

A great solution but sales of RMS and HQ to new users ends July 2016 and the options for complying with the October 1st, 2015 EMV Liability Shift Date are somewhat cumbersome. Flat out, it just doesn't make sense to look at RMS or HQ as a potential point of sale system.

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