Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2021 Point of Sale Resolutions

 A list of 2021 Resolutions for Retailers:

  • I will make a definitive plan to replace Microsoft RMS
  • I will ensure that my data is secure and being backed up daily
  • I will compare my rates for credit card processing/merchant services at least every 6 months
  • I will learn one new thing about my point of sale software program at least every 3 months
What else would you include on this list? Send suggestions to me at or by calling 208-340-5632.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Safe in 2021!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Blessings Everyone!

 As you take time to celebrate the birth of Jesus - whether that be in person and/or virtually - please take a moment to pray for the Persecuted Church that they be kept safe from harm from those doing the persecuting (and that the Gospel Message be placed on the heart of those doing the persecuting). Amen!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Get Google Pointy for Free!

If you happen to be using the Retail Management Hero (RMH) point of sale software, then the folks at New West Technology are offering Google Pointy for free! 

While Pointy is not a e-commerce or shopping cart site, Pointy does allow you to showcase your inventory online by syncing your RMH inventory with Pointy.  This is a great way to allow customers to browse your store online before coming to the store to make an actual purchase.  Pointy sounds like a nice solution for retailers who have products that cant be sold online.

Pointy is completely new to me so I don't have a lot of additional information at thus time. I'd suggest heading over the New West Technology for more information which can be found here:

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Point of Sale Software Options for Liquor Stores in Oregon

I've spent several weeks in Oregon over the last few months helping retailers find the best point of sale system for their store and found there to be some confusion about which POS software programs are available to liquor store retailers in Oregon.

After meeting with several liquor retailers as well as multiple calls and emails with the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission), I was given the impression that KMDS (Kelly Myers Data Systems)  POS was the only approved option for liquor store retailers in Oregon.

This is not true as the Cloud Retailer POS software is also available in Oregon. Here are some comparisons between KMDS and Cloud Retailer:


  • Both are designed for liquor retailers
  • Both are approved by the OLCC
  • Both are in use by multiple liquor stores in Oregon
  • Both provide OLCC specific reporting

Pro Cloud Retailer

  • Integrated processing (no errors due to manual double entry on payment terminals)


  • Based in Oregon and well established user base
Note about Point of Sale Software Programs:

I did not include Retail Management Hero or NCR CounterPoint in the comparisons as I was focused on just liquor store specific POS software programs that included OLCC reporting integration. I have not come across any liquor stores in Oregon that use RMS, NCR Counterpoint, Vend, Bindo, Clover, etc.

If you are a liquor store retailer in the state of Oregon, I would encourage you to look at both Cloud Retailer and KMDS.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Retail Management Hero or Cloud Retailer: Which is a better replacement for Microsoft RMS?

Designed to help you decide whether Retail Management Hero (RMH) or Cloud Retailer is a better replacement option for the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software.

One Update: RMH is available globally while Cloud Retailer is designed only for retailers in the United States.

For questions or suggestions, please contact me at or 208-340-5632.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Microsoft RMS End Of Life: Replacement Flowchart

 OK - I know - another post (and video) about Microsoft RMS end of life. This is due to the sheer number of RMS point of sale software users that have been contacting me over the last few weeks.  

I am also working on a video that shows some of the feature and functions in Cloud Retailer and Retail Management Hero that should help you decide whether Cloud Retailer or RMH is a better option for your store.

For now - a flow chart to walk you through the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software replacement decision:

Quick update that the folks at Retail Management Hero now offer Age Verification and similar features and function for liquor retailers. Contact them at for more information

Questions? Please contact me at 208-340-5632 or

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

RITE Extends Microsoft RMS/HQ Support Through July 2023

 OK - so with everything going on with the US economy and COVID 19, it is clear that there are still several thousand retailers using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS/HQ point of sale software that plan on using RMS/HQ past the July 2021 end of life date set my Microsoft. If you are one of those retailers, I have good news to pass along to you!

RITE, a Microsoft RMS/HQ Partner with over 12 support techs, will continue to support the Microsoft RMS/HQ point of sale software past July 2021. Of course, there are multiple stipulations as there will be zero assistance from Microsoft itself.  Keep in mind that this is subject to change.

  • Must be in the United States
  • New or replacement RMS lane or HQ store license keys are not available
  • Must be current on a RITE RMS Maintenance Agreement. The cost for a RITE RMS Maintenance Agreement starts around $810 to $1025 for 12 months of support for a typical single lane store. This price includes up to 5 hours of support. Lower pricing is available for retailers who already have a support package with RITE. Price could be as low as $215 for some retailers using Microsoft RMS who are already on a RITE support plan.
  • Only common and current hardware is supported (eg: name brands like Epson, Symbol, MMF, Metroligic, Star, Honeywell, Windows 10, ELO, etc). A good rule of thumb is that, if the hardware or software is more than 5 years old, it will not be supported.
  • You must being using Card Defender or stand alone payment terminals. Credit card swipes that are USB, serial/USB pin pads, or payment terminals that connect to RMS using plug ins (aside from Card Defender) are not supported.
If I haven't completely confused you, RITE can be reached at 888-267-7483 for more information and clarification on the above information.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tis the season for Tax Deductions!

OK - So I am no way a tax expert so be sure to validate this information with your tax professional. I do have experience as a business manager as well as a degree that included 300 and 400 level accounting and finance course work).

For the last 20+ years, I am always asked about deducting point of sale system expenses from your taxes as an expense.  For most retailers, the answer is yes - an outright purchase of point of sale hardware and software can qualify as a deduction. The requirements are that the hardware is being used in the business and not for personal use.

Some gray areas include if you can deduct point of sale hardware that you are leasing as well as point of sale software that you pay a monthly subscription on.

At any rate, if you have not used up your computer hardware deductions for 2020, now is a great time to look at investing in a new POS system. At this point, you should expect that you will pay for the point of sale system now but not have the new system installed until 2021.   

One last thought - don't wait until the last week in December to try and purchase a new point of sale system for tax purposes - I've had lots of folks call me on December 31st and generally it's too late with most staff (and most companies) closing early on New Years Eve. A good deadline (depending on what you need) is having everything finalized by Dec 15th, 2020. This allows time to process payments and get you that much needed invoice/receipt showing that the POS system was paid for in 2020.

Thoughts, comments and suggestions on the above are welcomed! You can reach me at or 208-340-5632.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Welcome to some new customers!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the following retailers who recently signed on with me for point of sale related products and services:

  • Terra Casa in Oregon: upgrade from Microsoft RMS to Cloud Retailer
  • The Caring Place in Texas: POS hardware
  • Sticker Planet: POS hardware
  • Jordan Taylor in Texas: Card Defender for Microsoft RMS
  • Pets West in Texas: upgrade from Microsoft RMS to Cloud Retailer
  • Martin Bruni Liquor in Washington State: upgrade from Microsoft RMS to Cloud Retailer
  • La La Liquor in Texas: upgrade from Microsoft RMS to Cloud Retailer
  • Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat: upgrade from Microsoft RMS to Cloud Retailer
  • Bedrock Comics: Microsoft RMS hardware and software for new store location (congrats!)
Thanks to all of you for your trust when it comes to retail point of sale hardware, software and services!

Monday, October 26, 2020

A List of the modules and plug ins for the Cloud Retailer point of sale software

I've had around a half dozen retailers contact me asking for more information about the various plug ins and modules for the Cloud Retailer point of sale software (Cloud Retailer is point of sale software designed as a direct low cost replacement for the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software as well as software for medium sized retailers with more that $1M in annual gross sales).  Here you go:

Cloud Retailer Add On and Module List

Add Ons*
(click on link for related video if available)
  • Antivirus: Professional grade Anti-virus/malware software
  • Supplier Integration (Fintech):            Liquor industry supplier
  • QuickBooks Integration: Either QuickBooks for Windows or QuickBooks online
  • PurePOS: Limits the computer to only POS software
  • Base Alert Configuration: 50 email alerts per month on store level            activities or events like voids, discounts, low stock
  • 250 Alert Per Month Pack:                 If using more than 50 alerts per month
  • Customization (per hour):               Hours needed to create a customization
  • Additional Data Pack: Needed If a stores database exceeds 2GB
  • 50GB plus databases:                        Needed If a stores database exceeds 50gb
  • Microsoft PowerBI:                         Integration with Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Magento e-commerce (basic):           Integration with a basic e-commerce site from Magento
  • Magento e-commerce (advanced):    Integration with an advanced e-commerce site from Magento
  • 1014 Reporting (PA):                      Report required for liquor stores in PA
  • OLCC Reporting (OR):                    Report required for liquor stores in OR
  • WSLCB Reporting:
    Report required for liquor stores in WA
  • AC Nielsen Export:                             Export data for an AC Neilsen report
  • Additional EDI import formats:         Data Interchange importing setup and configuration

*please contact RITE at 888-267-7483 or for current pricing
(click on link for related video if available)
  • End Of Day Reconciliation: End of day close out process
  • Shelf Tag Printing: How to print shelf tags& barcode labels/tags
  • Gift Card Creation And Processing:     How to create and redeem gift cards
  • Employee Time Clock:  How to use the employee time clock
  • Setting Up Basic Promotions:            How to create general sales and related promotions like discounting
  • Rentals / Kegs: How to use the keg rental feature
  • Inventory:   More in depth inventory training that includes  purchase orders, inventory transfers and physical inventory counts  
  • Creating and managing orders:          How to setup and use work orders, layaway's, and  special orders
  • Basic Product Importing:                   How to import products from supplier catalogs or  similar sources
  • Regional Permissions:                         How to restrict leadership at one location from accessing another store locations data.
  • Importing Of Other Data Types:         How to import non-inventory data
  • POS Installation Training: How to install and configure Cloud Retailer POS  without assistance from RITE
  • Introduction To Creating Custom Reports: How to use the built in tool for creating custom reports
  • Advanced Commands And Workflows: How to manipulate and adjust commands and software work flows in Cloud Retailer   

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

In Need of a Ride Along with a Supplier Sales Rep

 Hi!  If you happen to be a route/field rep for a supplier that serves the liquor store industry, I would like to discuss a way that I could ride along with you for a half or full day?  I am working on some research for supplier ordering technology and how the technology ties in to the liquor stores POS system.

If you are open to this, please contact me at or 208-340-5632 - I realize that we may have to wait until the COVID 19 situation is under control but would like to at least discuss coordinating a ride along with you.

Facebook Group for Liquor Store Point of Sale Software Discussion

 The folks at RITE have started a Facebook group designed for the discussion of point of sale software designed for liquor stores. The group is just getting started so now is a great time to join and share your thoughts or ask questions:

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What Liquor Stores are Replacing Micrisoft RMS With

WOW - thanks to all the liquor stores in Montana and Washington State who updated me on what they used to replace the aging Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software. In no particular order, here are the top 4:

  • NCR CounterPoint (liquor store specific version)
  • Retail Management Here (which now has a liquor store specific version of the software)
  • LiquorPOS (no longer requires the use of Heartland for merchant services)
  • Vend (this surprised me - I didn't know that Vend was popular in the liquor store retail vertical)

No one had any complaints about their decision so I felt that it was good information to pass along to any liquor stores wondering what to do about the upcoming July 2021 end of life date for the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software.

As always, please do call or email me with any questions.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

RITE Expands Uncorked Commerce e-comm solution to RMS Users

A quick note that the popular Uncorked Commerce ecommerce solution for liquor stores using the Cloud Retailer point of sale software from RITE is now available to liquor stores in the US using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software. Here are the highlights:

  • Must being located in the US
  • Product catalog for the online store is free but only designed for liquor stores
  • Must use NAB for online merchant services (does not apply to in store purchases)
  • Initial setup and training cost is $850
  • Ongoing monthly is $180/month for one store
  • Processing rates are 2.69% plus $.25 per transaction
  • Video overview:
You can contact RITE at 888-267-7483 or for more information.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Liquor Store News from RITE


RITE "Bottoms Up" industry news
Rite logo
Keeping you up to date on everything BWL
Dear Kevin,

For over 15 years we have been on the edge of relevant information and offerings within the Retail Alcohol Industry to help guide your interests and decisions. In testament to this, we received the 2019 "Friend of the Retailer" award from MN's Licensed Beverage Association (1st POS company to win the award).

The Industry is changing and we are changing right along side it to better suit your needs (scroll down to reminder about RMS end of life).

*If you think a friend may benefit from this content, feel free to forward it to them.
The world’s best Tequila - according to the Ultimate Spirits Challenge
(estimated read time 2-3 minutes)
"Every year since 2010, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge has convened in the suburbs of New York to judge the best of the best across all categories of liquor. And for the eleventh consecutive year, the competition fielded more entries than ever before. Unlike other judgings - typically held over several days - this one is spread out over a full two months. During that time an exhaustive sampling regimen winnows down thousands of liquids into just 237 finalists, and 45 recipients of the highest honor: the Chairman’s Trophy."
More than 480,000 bottles of wine ilegally shipped into Michigan in 2019
(estimated read time 3 minutes)
"A group that deals with beer and wine in Michigan is calling for a crackdown on illegal shipments, and many of them, into the state.The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association says nearly one-third of the 1.5 million bottles of alcohol delivered into Michigan from January to September of last year were shipped illegally.
It's estimated around 484,101 bottles of wine were illegally shipped into the state during the same period."
Wine's Next Big Thing: Not Wines
estimated read time 3-4 minutes
"Everyone loves an unlikely hero.
Currently, Piquette – cheap, cheerful, eco-friendly and low-ABV wine alternative, made from the byproducts of winemaking – is being cast as the much-sought-after unicorn the barely legal set will ride into wine country. 'Piquette can definitely be an on-ramp for beer nerds who think their palate isn't suited for wine and health-conscious drinkers gravitating toward hard seltzer. There's a wide range of flavors that appeal to beer and wine drinkers, with sour and lactic flavors and fresher red berry flavors. Like hard seltzer it's crushable and day-drinking friendly'.”
Best of the Rest
RMS goes End of Life in one short year from now
This may be an opportune time for you to evaluate CloudRetailer.
  • A year will go by very quickly
  • Tools to keep you viable and in business (curbside module for example)
  • Built by people who know RMS inside and out
  • "Very happy with the switch to CloudRetailer. It has been a huge upgrade in every way. Anyone who is still using RMS should move to CloudRetailer." - N. Beers
Do you have comments, suggestions, or feedback about this newsletter?
Questions about liquor store point of sale systems - including the low cost replacement program for Microsoft Dynamics RMS, or other legacy POS systems?

Then please contact RITE's sales and marketing team at 888-267-7483 or
Retail Information Technology Enterprises
(888) 267-RITE (7483)
Fax: (320) 230-1795
Retail Information Technology Enterprises | 1001 2nd Street SouthSuite 100Sartell, MN 56377

Monday, September 21, 2020

Heartland Letter about Oct 20th 2020 Deadline for Backend Change

Letters and emails have been going out to Heartland customers about a change they are making that could effect the retailers point of sale system.

I can not speak on behalf of all the POS systems but indications are that Cloud Retailer, Retail Management Hero (RMH), and Microsoft RMS users should be OK. This assumes that retailers using RMS or RMH are also using the Card Defender payment processing plug in for RMH and RMS. 

If you are concerned, be sure to contact your point of sale provider and your Heartland Rep for assistance.