Microsoft RMS/HQ Users

General Advice, Support, Training, Ect.:
You don't have to be a former DirectPOS or RVP Business Systems customer to contact me to arrange support, training, license renewals, hardware, EMV options, end of life options, RMS Add-ons, and anything else related to the Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ point of sale software programs. Note that sales and support for Microsoft RMS and HQ will be very limited to non-existent after July 2021.

Replacement Programs, Personal Experiences, and New POS Programs:
This also includes information related to the  Retail Management Hero and Cloud Retailer point of sale software programs as well as a lot of insights related to what point of sale programs are good replacements for RMS and HQ and my personal experience with retail stores, government entities, and museums replacing RMS with solutions like Bindo POS, Vend, Geneeral Store, Retail Pro, NCR Silver, Clover, and NCR CounterPoint SQL.

Summary of what other retailers using Microsoft RMS are doing related to the end of all support for RMS coming up in July 2020 and July 2021:

EMV and RMS/HQ End of Life Options Overview:
Due to the  EMV Liability Shift date here in the US as well as the "end of life" status of Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ point of sale software programs, I've also created a video that covers your various options which can be found here.

Discounts for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ Point of Sale Users:
I have also arranged for various discounts for RMS and HQ users looking to move to a different point of sale systems versus continuing to invest in RMS and HQ, You can visit my contact page for information on how to reach me for more information.

Video: Card Defender for Microsoft RMS

Video: Cloud Retailer and Retail Management Hero as RMS Replacement (short version)

Video: Cloud Retailer and Retail Management Hero as RMS Replacement (long version)


  1. From reading your blog I gather that RMS 2.0 will not support the new credit card formats. I wondered if I simply purchased a new credit card reader that is compliant would solve my problem but evidently not. Any comments are welcome.

    1. Dwiight - at this time RMS 2.X will only meet the EMV requirements by using third party payment gateways from companies like Shift4 or Mercury, using credit and debit card terminals that are not connected to the computer, or using a different point of sale program. Things may change between now and Oct 1st but those are the current options. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks!