Monday, July 14, 2014

Point of Sale Specials, Discounts, and Promo's - Oh My!

As we head in to mid-July 2014, just a quick note that I have been able to secure some point of sale hardware and software discounts from various point of sale solution providers that I trust.  At this point, just about anyone with a retail store or a museum that is searching for a new point of sale system or thinking about upgrading a point of sale system should get in touch with me.

So now you not only get free help selecting a point of sale system or answering your point of sale related questions, but you can save a lot towards the cost of a new or upgraded point of sale solution for your business or organization.

Now that is very cool!  Keep in mind that these discounts and promotions will end - I just don't know when at this point. Your business or organization must be located in the United States.

If I can help please contact me via the contact form on this blog site, via email at or on my cell at 208-340-5632. I've been helping folks find the right point of sale system for over 15 years and do not charge for my services (unless you want to pay me - I'm OK with that!).

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