Monday, July 21, 2014

Point of Sale Buying Video Buying Tip - What to Choose Mobile or Computer?

Some information related to the key differences between point of sale solutions designed to run on mobile devices versus point of sale solutions designed to run on computers. Included in the video are some key reasons why you should just focus on mobile point of sale solutions and reasons to focus only on computer based point of sale solutions.

I also share how to not only obtain some free help choosing the best point of sale solution for your business but also how to contact me related to various discounts and promotions that are being offered by trusted point of sale companies that I am familiar with.

You can also reach me via the contact form to the right, via email at, or on my cell at 208.340.5632.

Please note that the information in the video is best suited for non-food service related businesses located in the United States.

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