Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Point of Sale System Buying Tip: SmartPhone/Tablet or PC?

Excerpt from my Point of Sale Technology workshop presentation:

Smart Phone/Tablet based Point of Sale System vs. Computer based Point of Sale System: 

Learning curve is quicker on smart phones and tablets than traditional computer based systems and you are not tied down to selling right by the computer 

Survey done by a retail technology publication (VAR Insider) indicates that about half of all retailers want a smart phone or tablet based POS system 


Same survey showed that about half of all customers look for a traditional computer cash register to pay for their items

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Business Volume: if your business is not generating at least $250,000+ in annual gross sales then it is tough to justify investing in a computer-based point of sale system.

  • Technology Needs: if you have high technology needs (complex inventory tracking, managing online & in store customer information, specific reports, etc.) then a smartphone or tablet based point of sale system may not offer everything that you need

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