Monday, January 27, 2014

Point of Sale Buying Tip: Gotcha's

Some more information from my Retail Point of Sale Technology workshop presentations ("gotcha's or things to avoid when investing in a point of sale system):

  • Try to save money by buying from multiple vendors (one place for the barcode scanner, a different place for the computer, and a different place for the software). You will pay more in the long run – both in time and money. Think of receipt printer that stops working - who is going to help you fix it if you bought the receipt printer from one company and the point of sale software from a different company.
  • Not taking the time to learn the system through formalized or online training. Think of the VCR/DVR that blinks “12:00” – taking a few minutes to read the manual would allow the VCR/DVR to be used for automatic recording and other functions since the clock is correctly set.
  • Not investing time to fully use the systems functions. Will eventually become an expensive cash register.
  • Over or under-buying. Remember, you are purchasing something that should last the next 7+ years.
  • Not factoring long term costs. Ie. HarborTouch is 'free' but you will pay $5040 in monthly charges over 7 years.
  • Being forced to use a single company for merchant services which costs an average business around $1750/year in additional fees (Intuit and HarborTouch)

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