Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reminder on Consulting Rates

A quick reminder that I am still able to offer a large variety of on-site consulting services based around retail point of sale systems. Here are the common requests that I receive:

  • you need a better understanding of your existing POS system
  • some help documenting processes
  • looking for gaps in your existing system
  • budgeting for a new POS system
  • creating a wish list for a new/replacement POS system
  • comparing options
  • What to do about Microsoft Dynamics RMS/HQ
  • Replacement options for Microsoft Dynamics RMS/HQ
Generally you are looking at costs of $125/hour for these types of services but I also have flat daily or weekly rate options which run $2000 to $4000/week, depending on travel expenses. This would mean that my time would be exclusive to your organization for the entire length of my stay (example - a retailer in Minnesota with 40+ locations paid to have me onsite for 2 weeks and that my time was exclusive to them).

Discounts are available if there are multiple retailers that I can meet with in the same geographical area (example - multiple retailers in Texas combined to have me onsite with each of them during different days of the same week to save on travel expenses). 

On-site consulting costs can also be rebated towards the purchase of Retail Management Hero, Cloud Retailer, Dynamics 365, Microsoft RMS/HQ, Card Defender, or the other POS systems that the company that I work for is certified to sell, install, and support.

As each situation is unique, please contact me at 208-340-5632 or to have a no cost conversation about your specific situation. If you would rather contact me via my employer, my work contact information is 208-994-9404 or

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