Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Best Point of Sale Systems for Thrift Stores: 2017 Edition

Wow - I've had around 8 thrift stores contact me over the last couple of months based on an older post. Now seemed like a good time to update with more current information when it comes to the best point of sale systems for thrift stores. Note that this applies whether you have 1 location or 500 locations.  Below is a matrix that also notes costs and some other basic details.

Please note that that first steps in searching for a thrift store point of sale system are documenting processes, coming up with a budget, and interviewing staff and leadership to come up with a feature/function wish list. The matrix is only designed to give a high level view of whats on the market today and a few details about each system.

Here is the matrix:

Thrift Store Point of Sale Overview – 2017

Kevin Antosh can demo or provide free trial
Cloud – low end
Shopkeep, Lavu, Silver, Clover, Revel
Super easy to learn and use
Weak for multi-location operations, limited reporting. Some systems lock you into contracts with specific credit card processing companies
$3000 - $4000 for typical 2 lane store for hardware + $120 - $200 a month per location for software subscription
Yes on Silver
Cloud – mid level
Easy to use and better designed for multi-location operations
Mixed reviews – somewhat pricey
$3000 - $4000 for typical 2 lane store for hardware + $200 - $300 a month per location for software subscription
Yes on Bindo
Cloud/Windows – high end
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Complete ERP software for entire organization
Fairly new (2017) and expensive
Easily $1000000 to $2000000 across the organization or around $60,000/month just for licensing
Yes – can be arranged
Cloud Retailer
Part cloud/part Windows, well designed for multi-location. Latest in payment processing security while still being processor agnostic.
Might need some minor adjustments to handle round ups if needed.
$5000 - $8000 up front for a single store with 2 check out lanes + $70/month per store for software subscription and support.
Yes + can provide your organization with a full access to Cloud Retailer for up to 60 days.
Windows – Low end
Retail Management Hero
Designed for all types of retail – fairly low cost – flexible
Multi-location version will not be available until Q1 2018
$8000 - $10000 for typical 2 lane store . No mandatory on-going fees
Yes – have full copy.
Windows – mid level
Retail Pro
Stable system
Not truly for thrift, fairly outdated
$12000 - $16000 for typical 2 lane store . No mandatory on-going fees
Windows – customized for thrift
NCR Counterpoint SQL
Lots of thrift store customizations – in use already at multiple thrift stores (of which many I have met with in person)
Amazingly expensive
$12000 - $18000 for typical 2 lane store . No mandatory on-going fees
Have full copy of the basic software – general information on thrift store enhancements
Windows – discontinued (but in use at a lot of chain thrift stores)
Microsoft RMS, Microsoft RMS HQ, Microsoft POS 2009, Microsoft POS 2.0, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Software in bold means that it is use at thrift stores and/or well designed for thrift stores.

Contact me at 208-340-5632 or with any questions or if you have interest in the onsite consultancy services that I offer.

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