Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tip - More On Commission Tracking in Retail Point of Sale Software

Depending on the type of products that you sell and how you compensate your staff, you may want the ability to pay a commission to all or some of your employees. Both Microsoft RMS Store Operations and NCR CounterPoint allow you to track commissions and then run a commission report to enter in to your payroll software.

Each system is a bit different but in Microsoft RMS Store Operations, look under the “Database” menu and then “Sales Rep” from the manager screen. You can set each sales rep up from this screen (double click on the reps name, press “New” for a new sales rep, or highlight the sales reps name and press “Properties”):

***Shortcut*** - Use the “Copy” button if all your sales reps are paid using the same commission schedule (i.e. a flat percent).

For those of you using NCR CounterPoint, go to the Manager and then “Setup” and then “Systems”. You will see a “Commissions” button. This is were you set up the different global Commission Codes which are then assigned to each salesperson (see last weeks Tuesday Tip). This is different from RMS since you are setting up numerical codes related to different commission plans/schedules and then each sales rep can be assigned one of the numerical codes. Here is what the Commission Code setup screen looks like in NCR CounterPoint:
And a list view:


NCR CounterPoint can also create custom commission schedules based on specific criteria if a straight margin or price percentage doesn't work well for you – contact your NCR CounterPoint partner.

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