Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Overriding Global Commission Settings

Greetings from Utah – It is great spending some time meeting a few of our 70+ Utah customers in person! Some final thoughts on tracking commissions in NCR CounterPoint and Microsoft RMS Store Operations:

Since you may have some products that you do not want to pay commission on (like discount or clearance items), Microsoft RMS allows you to set item specific commission settings that override the sales reps commission settings.

You will find these settings under the “Commissions” tab within Item Properties. It looks like this:

You can see the options as a far as not allowing commissions, using the sale reps commissions settings, or using item specific commission settings. Again, very helpful for discount and clearance items were it doesn't make sense to pay normal commissions.

To accomplish the same item specific commission override in NCR CounterPoint, you will need to contact your NCR CounterPoint partner. You could also elect to not include a salesperson with certain sales transactions in NCR CounterPoint which would prevent the system from tracking a commission.

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