Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Continued Information on Tracking Commissions in Point of Sale Software

Since setting up and tracking commissions in retail software programs can take a little bit of time, I am splitting the information into 4 sections. Today I will cover how to set up a commission structure for each salesperson. Then, I will cover global commission settings as well as unique item-based commission settings over the next couple of weeks.

The idea here is that your point of sale system can track commissions and prepare a report to use with your payroll software – definitely a time saver! One thing to keep in mind is that we all have slightly different ways of how pay commissions (ie. Based on cost, sell price, margin, or a flat spiff) so I'm only providing general information and you can 'fine tune' specific to your payplan.

In Microsoft RMS Store Operations Manager, you will want to go to “Database” and then “Sales Reps”. You will get a screen that looks like this:

Select a sales rep (double click or use properties) and then you will see their individual settings in a screen that looks like this:

NCR CounterPoint users can select “Setup”, then “Systems”, and then select a user. The commission code to use is found on this screen:

You may want to save all four parts of the commission related information as I am somewhat explaining it backwards – if you need the information ASAP then just call (888-376-8144x234) or email me (kevina (at) directpos (dot) com).

Are you in the US and in need of no cost retail point of sale advice? I'm happy to help and can be reached on my cell at 208-340-5632 (mountain time) or via email at kevinantosh@gmail.com.

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