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NCR CounterPoint Options and Add-Ons

Since NCR offers multiple Options and Add-Ons for CounterPoint point of sale software, here is a basic summary of the main Options and Add-Ons for NCR CounterPoint:

CounterPoint “Options” and “Add-Ons”

CounterPoint “Options” – these are different optional functions within the software that raise the overall cost of the software. Price depends on number of licenses and number of “Options” selected.
·         Advanced Pricing: useful for businesses who have multiple pricing levels (ie. Wholesale, commercial, bulk, and retail pricing).
·         Offline Mode: system continues to run if connectivity is lost to the server.  Useful for mulit-location CounterPoint users. Note: they must still have Internet connectivity in order to process credit cards.
·         Serial Numbers: designed for businesses who sell serialized items and need to track the serial numbers for warranty or repair purposes.
·         Credit Cards: REQUIRED if the customer wants to process credit and debit cards from within CounterPoint (this “Option” is free if the customer uses NCR Merchant Services).
·         Receivables: Designed for customers who want to have detailed A/R accounts within CounterPoint.
CounterPoint “Add-Ons” – these are the “wiz-bang” things that CounterPoint can do above and beyond what a normal point of sale system can do. In most cases, the customer orders and pays for these options directly through NCR.
·         Smart Alerts: customer receives pro-active emails or texts when certain pre-defined events happen in their store.  This allows the store owner to stay connected on what is happening in the store even when they are out of store. The emails and texts break down in to three basic categories:
o   General Information: data like total sales for the day, total number of transactions, etc.
o   ‘Happy’ Information: alerts like a big sale, higher than average number of transactions for the day, etc.
o   ‘Unhappy’ information: it is 15 minutes after opening time and no one has logged in to the system, an employee just gave someone a 99% discount, etc.
·         NCR Online: online shopping cart that shares data with the CounterPoint system. Allows the user to share inventory and customer information automatically.  This helps prevent an in store customer and an online customer ordering the last ‘widget’ that the store has in stock.
·         Customer Connect: automated, behind the scenes email marketing. Goes well beyond Constant Contact or similar email marketing programs by automating the process and providing complete marketing campaign information (the owner will see how much revenue was generated off of each Customer Connect email marketing campaign).
·         CP Mobile: allows the customer to use an “app” version of CounterPoint on 4th generation iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).  This is real time sales and connectivity is required either via 3G/4G data coverage or wireless internet. New change to this is “on demand” pricing options. Also new is that CP Mobile can be used for physical inventory counts.

Pricing Information

 NCR Smart Alerts
NCR Smart Alerts is FREE for the first month and only $20 a month for the initial store and $10 a month for each additional store.
*Merchant is responsible for any and all charges including, but not limited to, fees associated with text or email messaging imposed by Merchant's mobile carrier or communication services provider. Message and data rates may apply. Such charges include those from Merchant's mobile carrier or communication services provider.

NCR Counterpoint Mobile - Pricing 

NCR Counterpoint Mobile is offered as a subscription service for existing NCR Counterpoint customers, with flexible options to meet a retailer’s needs.

  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile Item & Customer Lookup is available at NO CHARGE. Simply register your devices for activation
  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS & Inventory can be activated under an annual, monthly, or weekly agreement.
    • Annual agreements are available for $75/month/device
    • Monthly agreements are available for $125/month/device
    • Weekly agreements are available for $50/week/device
  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile Inventory Management can be activated separately under a weekly agreement if needed.
    • Weekly agreements are available for $30/week/device
  • Mobile devices can be shared across multiple stores for a retail operator
  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile does NOT consume a Counterpoint user license, so additional users do NOT need to be purchased
  • Hardware options are available for integrated barcode scanning with credit card swipe and receipt printing. Contact your authorized reseller for hardware pricing and orders
Customer Connect Pricing 

NCR Online Pricing
Best for sale volume
Under $25K/month
$25K to $60K/month
More than $60K/month
Registration Fee
Transaction Fee
Monthly Fee
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