Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Use of Reorder Points or Min/Max Levels in Point of Sale Systems

Many point of sale systems allow you to set reorder points or min/max stock levels for inventory items. This is extremely helpful when it comes to making sure that you don't run out of popular selling items as the system will help you create an order to your supplier/vendor based on criteria set in the point of sale software program.

Microsoft Retail Management Systems (RMS) Store Operations users can (from RMS Manager) go to “Database” then “Items” and then select an item. “Restock Points” and “Restock Levels” can be found under the “Inventory”tab for each item with looks like this:

NCR (Radiant) CounterPoint users will find that it helps to assign Min/Max levels when creating inventory items (using the inventory button in the lower left hand part of the item properties window). You will end up with a screen looking similar to this:

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro also has a re-order point that you can enter when setting up an item:

One additional tip: since Microsoft RMS and QuickBooks Point of Sale do not factor trending/forecasting and NCR CounterPoint takes time to build any sort of (optional) trending/forecasting data then be sure to check your Restock Points and Mix/Max levels from time to time in case any of the items are seasonal. No sense accidentally ordering winter items in April or summer items in October (unless you happen to be in the southern hemisphere).

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