Monday, January 21, 2013

Another NCR CounterPoint Review

Update 13.June.2015: A quick note that I have been receiving multiple calls and emails from Microsoft Dynamics RMS users looking to replace RMS due to the upcoming October 1st, 2015 EMV liability shift deadline as well as the "end of life" status for Dynamics RMS and HQ. I have personal experience with RMS users upgrading to NCR CounterPoint and would be happy to share - just visit my contact page for information on how to reach me. I can also put you in touch with a trusted NCR CounterPoint SQL partner.

I had the opportunity to gather some more feedback from a retail store that recently purchased NCR CounterPoint for their retail store and main warehouse.  Note that I am not able to share the name of the business as it was more important to gather "brutally honest feedback" and maintain the stores privacy.

This business has a warehouse and a retail location about a mile from the warehouse.  This retailer spent a total of 6 months researching multiple point of sale programs like Retail Pro, RICs, Microsoft RMS Store Operations and QuickBooks Point of sale. They decided on NCR CounterPoint since it was the only program to offer flexibility when it came to offering multiple price levels (retail, wholesale, veteran, etc). The email marketing and online shopping cart are also attractive but admittedly not unique to CounterPoint.

The retailer felt that CounterPoint had main 2 short-commings: 1) They don't want to be restricted to using only iOS devices for off-site sales and 2) NCR Merchant Services didn't follow through with what they promised in regards to setting up merchant accounts for both in-store and online sales.

Since this retailer just started using NCR CounterPoint, I will follow-up with them again in 1-2 months to gather more feedback on their NCR CounterPoint point of sale system.


  1. Hi Charlie - yes, this particular business opened up two additional retail locations and they are using CounterPoint SQL at the two additional locations. Email or call me (see my profile for contact information) if you want additional information on what the business owners like and dislike about NCR CounterPoint SQL.

  2. Geeze, another POS software company making empty promises! Anyone know of any reliable companies that DO follow through with their promises? We've already been through 2 that don't follow through.

    1. We offer a POS and website that are one single system eliminating the duplication of work adding inventory to your POS and website separately. Below I included a link to a short 2 minute video and once you've watched that, would love to demo our POS in real time for any of you.

      Again, just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more our one system POS and website will do that is not in those 2 min videos. I'll followup soon and schedule a time to show you everything that's applicable to you.

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  3. I hear you - back when I worked for a point of sale provider we spent a lot of time cleaning up other companies messes. I know that Bindo POS and BHD Inc in Sacramento, CA have favorable reviews when it comes to point of sale solutions for specialty retail stores.