Tuesday, April 21, 2020

RITE Extends RITE Microsoft RMS Maintenance Program to all RMS Users

As many retailers using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software have expressed interest in using the RMS software beyond the July 2020/2021 end of life date, RITE has extended their RITE RMS Maintenance Plan to be available for all retailers using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software. This is a great way to continue receiving RMS support and is even available to retailers using RMS who are lapsed on their Microsoft Annual Maintenance Agreement (also known as BRAP or annual software maintenance).

With costs starting around $215/lane license if current on maintenance or around $430/lane if lapsed on maintenance, this is a great way to maintain RMS support.

RITE RMS Maintenance includes the following:

  • Automatic weekly backups of the RMS database (daily backups are available for an additional charge)
  • ESET Antivirus software on each POS computer
  • Free clean up of the RMS database (re-indexing, removing un-used files, etc) to help speed up the RMS software and stay under any SQL database size limitations
  • 100% discount against the up front license cost of the Cloud Retailer point of sale software (normally $500/lane license). Cloud Retailer is a direct replacement for Microsoft RMS and also works with the very popular Card Defender processing plug in for RMS making for an easier and less expensive transition to a new POS software program. Discount only applies to RMS users who are current on RITE RMS Maintenance and does not include Cloud Retailer hardware, training or related deployment costs)
  • Access to our Minnesota and Idaho based support team for RMS support via "pay as you go" or pre-paid discounted blocks of support hours options.
The first steps are to get in touch with RITE to complete a Change of Partner form and obtain a quote based on your lane count and whether you are lapsed on Microsoft RMS Maintenance. Additional options for backups and paid technical support can be discussed at that time as well. 

You can reach the RITE team by calling 888-267-7483 or sales@rite.us

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