Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cloud Retailer: An Additional Option for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Users

While Retail Management Hero and Retail Realm Essentials are great replacement software programs for retailers using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software, some RMS users have expressed interest in a cloud based point of sale system that uses a subscription based pricing structure. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail being a bit new, I wanted to share some details about Cloud Retailer as a replacement point of sale system for RMS.

Cloud Retailer combines the best of what cloud based and locally deployed point of sale systems can offer by having the sales part of the software run locally on Windows devices and the manager/admin part of the software be accessible via a web browser (including Mac's and iPads). Cloud Retailers pricing is also designed so some costs are paid "up front" and other costs are paid monthly or annually.

Having core retail features and functions is standard with Cloud Retailer as is the ability to be customized for specific vertical markets like Beer, Wine & Tobacco, Trampoline Parks, Mobile Businesses like Locksmiths, and Parks and Recreation Organizations. Cloud Retailer can scale according to the location and number of users easily and does not require on site servers to run. The latest payment security standards are also exceeded when using Cloud Retailer with approved payment terminals like the PAX S300.

Perfect for the first time or the experienced retailer, Cloud Retailer also offers migration options for Microsoft Dynamics RMS users that not just include the transfer of your data from RMS to Cloud Retailer but also some pricing discounts that apply to all RMS users.

I've created a very basic video overview of Cloud Retailer which can be found at

More information on Cloud Retailer can be obtained by contacting me directly or by visiting

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