Friday, December 23, 2016

End of Year Advice - 2016

A few "ponderings" to share as we close in on the final few days of 2016 and look forward to 2017:

  1. Please remember the true meaning of Christmas as you celebrate and reflect with family and friends - Jesus birth is the true "reason for the season".
  2. Take some time to plan out any physical inventory counts and ensure that you have the correct training on how to use any physical inventory count features in your point of sale software.
  3. Reflect back on how you use your point of sale system to spot any gaps or room for improvement (or a new system).
  4. Keep an eye out for pesky new regulations and security requirements so you are not blind-sided with outdated equipment that is non-compliant.
  5. Still using Microsoft Dynamics POS 2007/2009/2.0?  Full end of life for these programs is coming up on July 9th, 2019. While this is still a couple of years away, I'd recommend that you start thinking now about a migration plan. Keep in mind that you do qualify for a low cost upgrade to the new Retail Management Hero software.
  6. Planning on using Microsoft Dynamics RMS for the next few years (end of life is not until July 2020/2021 - depending on which support contract you are on)? A few suggestions:
    • Keep an eye on Retail Management Hero since the upgrades are fairly low cost and painless (but watch for differences in features, add-ons and functions).
    • Make sure that you are on version 2.02 of RMS so all the latest service packs and hot fixes have been applied.
    • Consider using Card Defender to ensure compliance with credit card security, EMV, SHA-2, etc.
    • Avoid Windows 10 if possible for the time being.
    • Make sure that you are aligned with an Dynamics Partner that is committed to supporting RMS, HQ and Retail Management Hero - we have actually acquired customers from around 3 different Dynamics Partners that are phasing out support for various point of sale software programs.
  7. Watch this blog and my YouTube Channel for more information on Cloud Retailer which is a cool hybrid point of sale system that combines the best of what cloud based and on-premise point of sale systems offer.
Right now it looks like I will be headed to multiple states in the first half of 2017. Confirmed so far are Seattle, WA, just about all of Idaho, Salt Lake City, UT, and Minneapolis, MN. Pending are Portland, OR, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Tuscon, AZ, Dallas, TX, San Francisco, CA, and San Jose, CA.

Do contact me at 208-340-5632 or if I can of assistance. Thanks!

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