Monday, November 28, 2016

New Merchant Services Options for QuickBooks Point of Sale

As you know, I used to sell and support QuickBooks point of sale - I even still have a demo copy of the software on one of my laptops. QuickBooks point of sale is a simple and easy to install and use point of sale software program for lower volume retail stores and museums. My main complaint about QuickBooks POS was that you had to use Intuit for merchant services (or a separate credit card terminal).

That is no longer the case as there are now third party gateways that work with QuickBooks POS for merchant services (credit and debit card processing). This only applies to the non-cloud version of QuickBooks POS and is being offered by a reputable merchant services company.

Call (208-340-5632) or email ( me for more information and I can connect you with the correct person who has more details on costs and equipment options.

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