Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Retail Strategies for Success in the M-Commerce Age

Kirk Hendrickson

Mobile commerce is destined to be 
the big buzz of 2016...with a 95% growth rate in 2015 over the previous year.

Brands and retailers welcome the attention of mobile devices, but marketers need to measure and understand consumer behavior and develop practical applications from these insights to create engaging strategies.

This column will explore strategies brands and retailers should consider when developing a mobile strategy.

1. Understand consumers’ physical interaction with smartphones
How shoppers feel their way through a mobile site or app is not measurable through clicks and impressions, but is measurable using precision eye-tracking technology. 
2) Design mobile sites / apps to drive engagement
In a recent study with a major media firm we found the functionality of certain social media applications can be mirrored in mobile commerce, and consumers react positively. 
3) Keep mobile advertising simple and direct
Brand messages have one-half second to draw attention and convey a message before users move on. Much like out-of-home advertising, messages displayed through mobile should be simple and direct.
4) Leverage location-based technology for precise targeting 
Leveraging location data received from one’s mobile purchase trail can tell marketers when and where to target consumers to increase the chances of trigger sales. 
5) Measure the breadth of your mobile presence with customers
While data will tell you how much of your sales are driven by mobile e-mail marketing, social media advertising and web advertising, measuring the visual effectiveness of it all provides a bigger picture of the three-way relationship between a brand, your customer and their mobile phone. 

Kirk Hendrickson CEO of EyeFaster, a leading provider of shopper research, developed his expertise in eye tracking and shopper research while leading worldwide field operations for EmSense Corporation and product management for MarketTools, Inc. Kirk holds a patent for conducting surveys on mobile phones and was twice a finalist for the EXPLOR Awards. Kirk holds an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College, and a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

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