Thursday, January 28, 2016

Unofficial CounterPoint Users Group Newsletter


Counterpoint® Users Group (CPUSER.ORG®) is an independent Support Group for users of Counterpoint® Point-Of-Sale Software by NCR Corporation (formerly by Radiant Systems, Inc. & by Synchronics, Inc.).  We have been serving the
 Counterpoint® Community since 2003.  Please see our Legal Disclaimer at the end of this e-mail.

This NCR Counterpoint® SQL User suddenly started getting an Error Message when trying to send a Report out of CPSQL.
Ideas have been given, but no solution yet. 
See it all at the Posting, "Failed to export the report."
2.)  NCR Counterpoint® SQL Users asking for help:
3.)  EMV Chip - What Are CP-Users Saying?
"Ingencio iSC250"  (1,095 Views since 04/27/2015)
"EMV chip card compliance"  (1,017 Views since 07/23/2015)
"Ingenico ISC250" (1,985 Views since 05/01/2013)
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CPUSER.ORG® and Counterpoint Users Group provide independent technical support services and information specifically for users of COUNTERPOINT® point of sale systems.
COUNTERPOINT® is a registered trademark of CheckPoint Systems, Inc. and a licensed trademark property of NCR Corporation (formerly licensed by Radiant Systems, Inc. and by Synchronics, Inc.
CPUSER.ORG® is a registered trademark of Counterpoint Users Group.
CheckPoint Systems, Inc. and NCR Corporation neither endorse nor have any affiliation with CPUSER.ORG® or Counterpoint Users Group.

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