Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Using Me and My Sites as a Resource for Your Chain, Franchise, Association, or Organization

Just a quick note that you are more than welcomed to use myself and my sites as a source of unbiased point of sale information as needed. This works well for the following:
  • Franchises
  • Chain Stores
  • Organizations (non-profit and government)
  • Retail Associations
  • Retail Conferences
  • Retail Trade Shows
I'm actually already a point of sale contact for multiple businesses and organizations (representing well over 5,000 retail stores in the US) whose members/stores/leadership need any or all of the following:
  • Free and unbiased point of sale advice
  • Unbiased in-depth onsite point of sale consultation
  • Speaker for events
  • General point of sale advice
Are you  in the US and in need of no cost retail point of sale advice?  I'm happy to help and can be reached on my cell at 208-340-5632 (I am on Mountain Time) or via email at kevinantosh@gmail.com. There is also a contact form to the right that can be used to reach me.

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