Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Point of Sale Solutions for Retail Stores with Consignment Items

Over the years, I have worked with various types of retail stores that sell items on consignment. While there are a few consignment specific retail point of sale solutions on the market, it is actually pretty easy to use just about any retail point of sale system to track consignments.  Depending on which point of sale system you are using, there are three main ways to track consignments:

  1. Set up the consignee's products in unique departments or categories. That way you just need to run a sales report specific to a department or category to know what fee's are due the consignee.
  2. Set the consignee's up as salespeople that are paid a commission on sales of their items. The main disadvantage is that you have to train your staff to attach the correct salesperson to each sale.
  3. Use unique sku or plu leading digits to identify both the consignee and consignment items. For example, all of Mark Smiths consignment products start with a sku or plu of "001-XXXX". All of Mary Jones consignment items start with "002-XXXX". Of course, you have to print barcode labels or hang tangs for each item but that is something most retail stores do anyway.
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