Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Retail Pro Releases Retail Pro Prism

Adding to the tablet and smartphone point of sale market is Retail Pro Prism from Retail Pro. Prism offers some unique functionality related to being able to continue working when an Internet connection is lost (no information on how credit card authorizations are handled). Prism also appears to have some flexibility when it comes to languages and database connections.

Here is a description/overview of Prism:

Retail Pro Prism- $7K-$9K Browser based Modular POS Application. Deploy iOS, Windows, Android or even mini-devices. Market first Mobile 2.0 Solution, Real-Time, Scalable to tie to back end RPRO or an ERP solution. Lower demands on hardware. Database Neutral – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Fully customizable User Interface (UI). Automated email reporting for store. Best for retail stores generating $750,000+ annually per location.

I would be very interested in talking to anyone actually using Prism for a more complete review - especially as this is the 5th new mobile point of sale system to come on the market within the last 45 days.

You can visit the Retail Pro website for more information on Prism: http://www.retailpro.com/Solutions/Prism.php?htm_source=solution&utm_medium=prism&utm_campaign=solution_prism

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