Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pains and Gains Data - Introducing Gormim

Some of the newer mobile (and even older computer-based) point of sale solutions don't offer a lot of detailed reporting options leaving some users with limited information. A new company, Gormim, has come up with a way to provide more detailed information to help identify different sets of data in an easy to view dashboard format.

I had a chance to meet with Gormim and there are several things that are noteworthy:
  1. This is a solution that can be added to multiple different types of POS solutions 
  2. Gormim actually goes beyond basic information like daily sales and average sale amount to show you, in an easy to view format, "pains" and "gains" information. This pains and gains information helps the store leadership quickly specific areas of strengths and weaknesses within the store without having to run multiple reports.
  3. Gormim has both a free version and a more advanced version with a low monthly fee
Gormim is also interested in talking to multi-location retail stores to see what sort of data their current point of sale system isn't providing.

You can learn more about Gormim by visiting

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