Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Discounts in Microsoft RMS and NCR CounterPoint

Both NCR CounterPoint SQL, and Microsoft RMS Store Operations have great flexibility when it comes to offering percentage or flat dollar amount discounts.  Very helpful if you are running a promotion or have a need to extend a discount (like for the sale of a display/demo item).

Generally, your NCR CounterPoint partner will program the point of sale screen to include the various buttons needed according to how you want to discount.  It is helpful to have a discount ‘menu’ with one main discount key and then the various other discount options and choices in a ‘menu’. That way, the point of sale screen doesn’t become too cluttered with too many buttons.

Here I have setup some various discount buttons to appear once a main discount button is pressed from the point of sale screen:

“Shift” + “F3” is the discount key in Microsoft RMS Store Operations. The trick is that when the cursor is over a specific item on the transaction then the discount is just applied to the specific item. If the cursor is not over a specific item, then “Shift” + “F3” will allow for a whole transaction discount.

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