Monday, March 18, 2013

Cool Use of NCR Smart Alerts

NCR CounterPoint point of sale software has an add-on called Smart Alerts. Smart Alerts allow the system to send an automated text or email when certain events happen in the store. Here is a cool example take from a recent NCR newsletter on how one NCR CounterPoint user has a unique way to use Smart Alerts to increase sales and customer satisfaction:

Sam’s Italian Deli, located in Fresno, California, uses NCR Smart Alerts to provide real-time visibility into its business. Owner Nick Marziliano and his team review total daily sales, average ticket size, number of customers served and overages or shortages at cash drawers. Mr. Marziliano has also set the solution to alert him if a customer makes a purchase over $150, so that he can introduce himself and carry their groceries to their car. That simple act of service enables Mr. Marziliano to learn what his high-value customers are buying so he can fine-tune his product and service mix.

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