Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday Tip - Putting Transactions on Hold

Tuesday Tip: It happens – the person at the front of your check out line forgot their wallet/purse or changes their mind on what they want to purchase. Fear not, most retail point of sale systems allow you to put a transaction “on hold” so you can continue to check out other customers while saving the first customers transaction information. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro users will find a “put on hold” button at the lower center of the point of sale screen, Microsoft RMS Store Operations users can select “ctrl” + “F12” (hold) from the point of sale screen, and NCR CounterPoint users can have a “hold” button added to the point of screen or added under “more buttons” on the point of sale screen. A great way to keep the check out lines moving!

Here is what the QuickBooks Point of Sale screen looks like:


And the Microsoft RMS Stores Operations point of sale screen after pressing "ctrl" + "F12":

 Finally, the NCR CounterPoint (button location will vary depending on how your dealer programmed the system for you - on my version they appear in the upper right part of the screen):


Naturally, each system also has its own way of recalling transactions on hold (it is possible to put more that one transaction on hold at a time).

If you are not currently processing a sale in QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro, then the "Put on Hold" button with change to a "Held Receipts" button which will show you a list of transactions currently on hold.

"F11" is the "Recall" key in RMS Store Operations followed by selecting "Recall a transaction from on hold" to see your list of transactions on hold.

For NCR CounterPoint, the "Hold Recall" button should be in the same location as your "Hold" button. It does depend on how your NCR CounterPoint dealer programmed your button menu.  Note that you can change how the buttons appear in NCR CounterPoint - just ask your dealer or DirectPOS for help.

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