Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Liquor Stores: Liquor Store Associations that I Support

A list of the various state liquor store associations that we support. If you are not a member of these associations, you should consider joining. We offer discounts and special offers to members of these associations!


MBDA Pennsylvania: https://mbdapa.org/ 

MLBA Minnesota: https://www.mlba.com/ 

MMBA Minnesota: http://municipalbev.com/ 

CLBA Colorado: https://www.coloradoliquorstores.com/ 

BARC National: https://www.bevretailersconference.com/ 

RLAO Oklahoma: https://oklahomaliquor.org/

TPSA Texas: https://www.texaspackage.com/ 

For more information on the Cloud Retailer Liquor Store POS Profit System, please visit www.cloudretailer.com, call 888-267-7483 or email sales@cloudretailer.com


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