Monday, December 19, 2022

Cloud Retailer Liquor Store POS is Keepin' Me Busy!

 Wow! The Cloud Retailer point of sale software for beer, wine and liquor stores is keeping me busy! The most popular states have been Texas and Oklahoma. In fact, I'm headed to Oklahoma and Texas in early 2023 (weather permitting) to meet with around 20 different liquor stores in these states.

The liquor store owners and managers really liked that Cloud Retailer is designed specifically for beer, wine and liquor stores and is not just general retail point of sale software. The addition of Dual Pricing in Cloud Retailer also creates a significant financial incentive for beer, wine and liquor stores to use Cloud Retailer.

Please note that I am already booked with installations and meetings with liquor store owners and managers through early 2023 thanks to Cloud Retailer POS! 

If you happen to be a beer, wine or liquor store manager/owner, it is highly advisable that you take a look at Cloud Retailer POS - especially the Dual Pricing option in Cloud Retailer which can add $2000 or more each month in additional profit.

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