Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Stiil using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point of Sale Software in 2022?


If you don't want to listen to me ramble for 3 minutes, here are the key messages in the video: 

1) Yes, Microsoft RMS still works even though the July 2021 End Of Life date has passed 

2) Support for RMS will continue to wane over the next couple of years 

3) Something will happen that will require you to replace Microsoft RMS with a different point of sale software program 

4) If you are hanging on to Microsoft RMS, have a plan ready for when #2 or #3 happens. 

If you are a retailer in the United States who is still using the Microsoft RMS point of sale software and need some advice on replacement options for RMS, please contact me at 208-340-5632 or


  1. I saw your YouTube video on this subject. I wanted to know can you help me figure out how to do the integration with the online version of quickbooks? I was using the desktop version but it's no longer supported. I just got the online quickbook and don't know how to integrate it.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Shirly! Microsoft RMS does not work with the online version of QuickBooks.