Monday, June 29, 2020

Yes Microsoft RMS Users - Card Defender is Still Available (and fully supported by RITE)!


Quick Update: Card Defender is no longer available for Microsoft RMS unless you are a beer, wine, or liquor store that will be moving to the Cloud Retailer point of sale software in the near future. 

With Microsoft RMS coming up on the end of extended support, I wanted to let retailers using the Microsoft RMS point of sale software know that the Card Defender plug in for RMS is still being actively sold and supported by RITE (approx 1700 installations as of 6/2020).

A general overview video can be viewed below:

If you would like more information about Card Defender for Microsoft RMS, please contact RITE at or 888-267-7483.

If you would like a Card Defender quote/proposal, please complete this questionnaire.

Note that Card Defender is only available to RMS Users with stores in the United States.

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