Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sound Payments Review and Experience

I've been involved with the deployment of Sound Payments software and payment terminals at a 3 location retail chain that uses the Microsoft Dynamics RMS/HQ point of sale software. Some observations and feedback on Sounds Payments:
  • The costs are very low. There are no software costs and the monthly rental for the payment terminal is reasonable when compared to paying outright for a payment terminal (breakeven is around 24-36 months depending on the model of payment terminal used).
  • Upfront labor costs are high. To be honest, the only way for a reseller/VAR/dealer to make any money on a Sound Payments deal is via the upfront labor for installation. Plan on around $250 to $375 for installation labor per device and POS station.
  • Initial install for just one payment terminal took 14 business days due to errors being encountered and then having to figure out who to contact for support (RITE? Sound Payments? Retail Realm?).
  • Functionality appears to be what was promised: a semi integrated solution for Microsoft RMS.
  • There is a limitation on what receipt templates can be used - at this time, only the "stock" RMS receipt templates work with Sound Payments. This has caused some issues specific to any custom receipt information and custom receipt templates. We are investigating this as of 1/23/2019.
  • Long term use will have to be evaluated over the next 1-2 years
  • Sound Payments team was very helpful but did make some promises that took 3-4 weeks to be completely fulfilled.
  • Sound Payments was very communicative throughout the process which was much appreciated by all parties involved.
Would I work with Sound Payments again? Maybe as there has to be a source of revenue via upfront labor charges and/or the sale of something else to the retailer (or a long term opportunity). Another reason that my answer is "maybe" is that this is only one very recent install so there isn't much to go on when looking for long term results across multiple customers.

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  1. Of the 3 retailers that have contacted me who use Sound Payments, 2 of the have had payment terminal failures within the first 6 months - not a good track record when you factor in that it takes 2 to 3 business days to replace a payment terminal.