Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Annual Payment Options for Card Defender and Cloud Retailer

Wanted to pass along some information on annual payment options for the Card Defender EMV/Chip Card add on for Microsoft RMS as well as the Cloud Retailer point of sale software program.

As some folks prefer to pay the on-going support and upgrade fee's for Card Defender and Cloud Retailer by ACH, Invoice or Cheque (or a one time per year payment via debit/credit card). these fee's can now be paid annually or monthly.

This allows for more flexible billing options and mirrors the method used specific to how some companies charge for their software programs annual maintenance agreement.

Current Card Defender and Cloud Retailer customers can switch from monthly to annual billing at any point by contacting RITE at or 888-267-7483.

If you have general questions, please contact me at or 208-340-5632.

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