Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spotting POS Scams on eBay and Amazon

While searching for some information on the new Retail Management Hero software, I came across some sellers on eBay and Amazon offering both Retail Management Hero and Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale system "Bundles". The cost for these bundles was around $2295 to $2795 which should be a warning sign as these are lower than normal prices for a complete retail point of sale "bundle". Other signs that these are potential scams:
  • Computer in the bundle has Windows XP (no longer supported)
  • The sellers "store" contained no information (phone, address, etc)
  • Multiple spelling errors and typos
  • Using a logo for one product but describing a different product
  • No buyer feedback
  • Guarantee that the RMS license can be registered to a new user
Please be wary of these types of listings - especially as Dynamics RMS can no longer be sold to new users or existing RMS users who are lapsed on their software maintenance agreement (unless the lapse fee is paid first). There are reputable companies selling point of sale systems online but it's clear that there are also potential scams so please be wary and perform some good due diligence. 

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