Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day 2016 Spending Up 6%, Clothing and Personal Visits Show Greatest Growth

Via Visibility Public Relations - some interesting information on spending for Mothers Day 2016:

Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts Get Lionesses’ Share-of-Wallet

NEW YORK, NY April 18, 2016 - There's a saying, "a sweater is something a child puts on when a Mother feels a draft," an apt turn of phrase since clothing has increased most as a Mother's Day gift-of-choice this year. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of consumers plan to celebrate Mother's Day 2016 and clothing is this year's big winner, according to the annual Brand Keys Mother's Day survey. 

Celebrants intend to spend on average $205.00 this year, a six percent increase over 2015. Men, following a long-standing tradition, intend to spend more than women, reporting an anticipated average spend of $228. Women reported an anticipated spend of $182. 

"Once again, tradition has trumped tech," noted Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys Inc. (brandkeys.com), the New York-based consumer loyalty and emotional brand engagement consultancy. "Cards, meals, and flowers have become 'price-of-entry' for the holiday. But when it came to more substantial gifts, clothing showed the greatest change from last year - up 10 percent." Jewelry was up too, by seven percent. Spending on tech related gifts was generally unchanged, with only 12 percent indicating that kind of purchase.

"More-and-more, Mother's Day encompasses a broader spectrum of relationships as it becomes a more universal celebration," said Passikoff, "The holiday celebrant range includes virtually everyone: moms, wives, step-moms, female relatives and friends, divorced and single-parent households. It crosses cultural, ethnic, and religious boundaries, making it a real opportunity for retailers - an occasion nearly everyone celebrates."

MethodologyAs part of Brand Keys’ annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, 6,133 men and women, ages 18-65 from the nine U.S. Census regions, were asked if and how they planned to celebrate Mother’s Day, with most consumers indicating multiple gift purchases. 

What Consumers Are Buying Mom

(Percentages in parentheses indicate changes from 2015 with a margin of error of 2%).

2016 Percent Purchasing Change from 2015

Cards 95% ( --- ) 
Brunch/Lunch/Dinner 90% (+2%)
Flowers 85% (- 1%) 
Clothing 80% (+10%) 
Jewelry 59% (+7%) 
Spa Services 52% (+2%)
Gift Cards 50% (- 2%)
Books 19% ( --- )
Tools 16% (+1%)
Candy 12% (-3%) 
Electronics/Smartphones 12% (+1%) 

“Preferences for shopping venues reflect this year’s preference for more traditional gifts,” said Passikoff, “And remained generally unchanged from last year, with the exception of Department Stores, which were down six percent. Catalogues were down again this year by another four percent. Discount and Specialty Stores were at the top of consumers’ list of places to shop for Mom “because consumers regard them as ideal venues for apparel and jewelry,” said Passikoff.
Where They Are Shopping

Discount Stores 55% (unchanged)
Specialty Stores 50% (unchanged)
Department Stores 44% (-6%)
Online Stores 30% (unchanged)
Catalog 2% (-4%)

More consumers intend to “connect” with Mom with in-person visits, “likely due to lower costs of gas and air fares,” noted Passikoff. “Phone calls and online chats remain unchanged from last year, although it’s worth noting that given the ubiquity of smartphones, Mother’s Day has become one the most popular holidays to place a call.”

Phone/mobile 65% (unchanged) 
Personal Visits 22% (+7%) 
Online 11% (+1%) 
Cards 10% (unchanged) 

“Like many major gift-buying holidays, the majority of consumers (65%) indicated they are waiting to make their purchases until the deals shake out toward end of April and the beginning of May,” noted Passikoff. 

Another saying goes, ‘a Mother always has to think twice; once for herself and once for her children.’ “That said it appears that this year most consumers aren’t thinking twice about celebrating Mother’s Day,” noted Passikoff,


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