Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Few Updates

A couple of quick updates to pass along:

  1. I'm getting quite a few calls from folks looking for technical support on their point of sale systems. While I do have some technical skills, I'm not certified to support any point of sale programs at this point. You are more than welcomed to contact me but it is likely that I will have to refer you to someone else for technical support.
  2. Over the last couple of weeks I have also been asked about my availability for speaking engagements, onsite consultation, and help with deployment of POS systems.  I'm more than happy to help with all of these items but I do ask that my travel expenses be paid for as well as a flat fee of $100/day if the commitment will last more than 3 days (including travel time).
  3. Tuesday Tips are returning!  I'm in the process of creating some videos with weekly tips specific to Microsoft Dynamics RMS, NCR CounterPoint SQL, and QuickBooks Point of Sale. Obviously these videos take some time to create but I hope to upload at least one per week - these will be short videos that cover only one tip or trick at a time.
Visit my contact page for information on how to reach me.

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