Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Good Stuff Added to Bindo Point of Sale

The folks at Bindo Point of Sale ( have been busy adding new features and functions to the Bindo Point of Sale system. As you know Bindo is a popular* mobile point of sale system that uses iPads and iPhones for selling while utilizing internet browsers for manager and owner functions like running reports, placing product orders, and making price changes. Here is what has been added to Bindo recently:

  1. Scale Support and decimal entry: whether you use a scale that connects directly to Bindo (available in 10 pound and 30 pound models) or use a stand alone scale and enter the weight manually, Bindo now supports calculating price by weight. Very helpful for corner markets, delis, grocery stores, feed stores and pet stores.
  2. Modifiers: not just for restaurant use but also very helpful for retail businesses that offer customization or design work (think custom furniture stores or embroidery stores). 
Here is a video showing sales of weighted items and items with modifiers in Bindo:

More reviews on Bindo POS can be found here:

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*Popular based on the sheer number of folks that contact me to let me know that their business or organization has selected Bindo.

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