Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Potential Major Credit Card Security Breach

Another potential credit card security breach has been reported - this time involving Target.  While it may seem like only larger retail chains are the targets of credit and debit card information theft, a small regional chain or even single  location retail stores can be  targeted as well (no pun intended).

I've posted multiple times in the past but another security breach just reinforces that you need to make sure that you are taking all precautions to protect your customers payment information.  This means that everything from your router to your firewall settings to making sure that your point of sale software is up to date needs to be checked on at least a monthly basis.

Major overhauls that will effect everyone who accepts debit and credit cards are still 1-2 years away so preventive action must be taken on your part to avoid fines and loss of revenue should your point of sale system be compromised.

Talk to your point of sale partner and the company that handles your merchant services to make sure that you are taking all the correct precautions to prevent payment information theft.

Here is a link to more detailed information from CNN on the latest potential breach:

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